Independent Leaderboards for Albion Online

Why Independent Leaderboards?

Some PVP communities within Albion are interested in a more detailed analysis than can be provided by SBI's official web based killboard. As one of those communities, our guild maintains data relating to PVP within the game and decided to share simple analysis that identifies information which is unavailable in an official capacity.

Notes and Caveats

  1. Only the top 100 are shown by default. To find entities below the top 100, search for them by name.
  2. Fame Balance is equal to kill fame minus death fame.
  3. "Kill appearances" means that a character appeared on the aggressive side of a kill record. They may, or may not, have earned fame. This is used as number of kills for raw K:D.
  4. Naked deaths are ignored in all cases for raw K:D figures
  5. Please feel free to make copies of the data for your own purposes.
  6. The number of characters that appear in pvp during any given month can be quite large. The first time you load a characters leaderboard, you may discover that it takes some time to load, or you may discover that sorting is slow.
  7. If there is some analysis you would like to see available in future versions of this report, please contact Zalrenic within game via mail, or on reddit.

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