Savage Guild Charter

Organizational Structure and Rules

The Savage Way

We’re more than just a guild, we’re a group of friends and a community of PvP minded individuals. Savage’s history extends from the beginning of Albion’s launch. We’ve had time to perfect our craft and hone our skills.

We take ourselves seriously, but want to enjoy the game the way we want to play it. That usually means we’re involved in activities of a more ruthless nature such as piracy and mercenary work. We don’t tolerate toxicity and your fellow  Savage will always have your back.

Savage is at its best when we work together as a cohesive unit. Our alliances may shift due to the nature of our game, but we will always stay true to each other. There will be times of disagreement, but we must always seek to understand and communicate respectfully.

We always want to remember that this is a game and real life takes priority. Savage has no mandatory donations or mandatory "call to arms." You are free to enjoy the game so long as you follow our rules and expectations.


The following non-exhaustive list serves as a basic outline. Please do your best to avoid problematic behavior, and always obey the four rules. If you need clarification, click the question mark icon next to the rule.

  1. Members of the guild are expected to operate as a cohesive unit. Treat each other with respect. Expand Help Details
    1. Slurs, racial or otherwise, are not permitted in voice or text communications.
    2. While “friendly,” or “hazing-style,” banter is not an offense: such behavior should cease as soon as a request to do so is made.
    3. “Dropping Tags” / Leaving the guild to kill a guild-mate is forbidden.
    4. Disrupting “mixed groups” by knowingly attacking the group members of a guild member is forbidden. While outsiders are in a group with a guild member, the same courtesy that would given to the guild member shall be extended to their group members.
    5. Assisting a mixed group in killing a guild, or alliance, member is forbidden. If a mixed group attacks a guild member, any guild member in the mixed group is expected to drop group and defend the other member(s).
    6. Loot Etiquette should be observed as described in this document.
  2. Use comms discipline. Expand Help Details
    1. Once a target has been declared, or an order has been given by the group's leader, voice communications should be limited to information immediately vital to the task at hand.
    2. Do not contradict direct orders given by a group leader on comms - requests for clarification are acceptable.
    3. Don’t Panic - healers know how much HP you have, there’s no reason to interrupt a caller to announce your death, etc.
  3. Don't embarrass the guild. Expand Help Details
    1. Avoid public behavior that would embarrass the guild.
    2. If you agree to a fight with controlled conditions (1v1, etc) honor the terms of the agreement unless the other party fails to do so.
    3. Do not beg in public.
    4. Do not make exaggerated, or overly-emotional, claims in local-chat or whispers that could be perceived as whining or crying after a PvP encounter (i.e. “salt”: don’t give it away).
    5. Repeated failure to abide by the terms of any treaties that are currently in effect will not be tolerated - ignorance is only a valid excuse once.
    6. Disputes with alliance members shall be settled by guild officers. Members shall not seek to resolve such matters on their own publicly. Contact one of your guild officers and let them resolve the issue if you need help.
    7. Harvesting/Gathering inside of Alliance Territories or with NAP’d allies is forbidden.
    8. Use of your alliance tag as a shield to get away with actions that would otherwise result in combat (such as taking a resource node, mob, chest, etc) from another alliance member is forbidden. Membership in an alliance is not a license to grief its members.
  4. Existing members are the gatekeepers for recruits. Expand Help Details
    1. Prospective members seeking to join should spend time playing the game with Savage guild members on voice comms before admittance is provided.
    2. Prospective members who are sponsored by an existing full member, due to an existing relationship, may be excluded from any requirement of membership but the sponsoring member is responsible for helping the new recruit meet the PVP fame requirement as soon as possible.
    3. Any full member may request removal of a trial member by contacting an officer of the guild. If the officer believes that the removal is unwarranted: they may veto the removal request, provided that no more than 20% of the currently active officer team wishes to support the removal. If voting is required, it shall be done by secret ballot. Any officers abstaining from the vote shall be excluded from the total.

Leadership Team

We keep things as flat as possible, and distribute the burden of responsibility. All officers are responsible for the well-being of members, to drive the culture and direction of the guild, and to resolve internal disputes.

Guild Masters (GM): Sllice, Zalrenic

GMs are responsible for interacting with the leaders of other guilds in order to resolve political issues, and maintain political standing with allies. Their primary responsibility is to empower the success of other officers. Their secondary responsibility is to fulfill the responsibilities of other officer types as needed and GMs may leverage the same rights as those roles in order to do so.

PVP Content Officers (Commander): Ishwin, TheBlackAvenger, Bloodbaron

Commanders are trusted, and respected, combat leaders of Savage. They can lead us into battle and may appropriate guild funds for reimbursements or for beneficial PvP activities. Their primary responsibility is to create PvP content for members.

Admin and Logistics Officers (Seer):Estupidoto, JLM, Svartesmeden, ZezeCarrotFarmer, Tavv

Seers are the guild officers who's greatest contributions lie outside the scope of PvP (recruitment, espionage, planning, economy, etc) and may appropriate guild funds for beneficial activities not directly related to PvP. Their primary responsibility is to conduct activities which allow commanders to focus on PvP.

Roles and Hierarchy

All guild members contribute to the culture and direction of the guild. Officers exist to aide guild members in this regard. Their title should not be viewed as a position of power but as a position of burden. Officers may only gain their title by unopposed nomination from another member.


Players seeking admittance to the guild should join our discord. Applicants must meet the following requirements to obtain a trial membership to the guild:

Players which fit well within our community may be aided in reaching the guilds requirements. If you are new and don't have experience, we can fix that.

Prospective members who are sponsored by an existing full member, due to any existing relationship, may be excluded from any requirement of membership but the sponsoring member is responsible for helping the new recruit meet the guild's requirements as soon as possible.

Know sub-item 3 of rule 4: Any full member can terminate the membership of a trial member. This is non-negotiable.

Trial Membership
To complete the trial: you must earn 2 million kill fame in guild with a positive fame K:D ratio, and have at least 10 days of in-guild group PVP activity. You will fail the trial if any full member requests your removal. Trial members are judged by their performance in guild only, and there is no official time limit.


Recruiters can be contacted in game or via discord. They evaluate potential recruits and lead recruitment efforts.

Recruiters: BossRocky, Lockshock, LuckyShottt

Loot Etiquette

As Savages largely derive their profits from PVP, it is important to touch upon loot etiquette within the guild’s PvP operations.

When in a group made up of six or more savages, the following etiquette should be observed.


Officers may remove members from guild without notice for rules violations; however, such instances should be limited to severe situations or overtly obvious “ass-hattery”. Rules violations which do not hinder the guild’s success shall be first dealt with by an officer in an advisory capacity with that member. Members who have concerns with rules violations of other members shall bring those concerns to an Officer and the leadership team will seek to deal with the situation appropriately. If a solution is not found, or the member cannot correct the offending behavior, the offending member may be removed from the guild.

Current Treaties

The following list of guilds are considered friends - this means that while we may prey upon each other for content, we do not attack them for control of land or other objectives. We kill our friends! PvP is fun.

Any time we are actively cooperating to meet an objective, you may not commit an act of aggression that risks our success - i.e. don't kill people while they are trying to help you, or while we are trying to help them.

There are currently two "no-fly" zones for the purposes of ganking and dungeon-diving: Murdergulch Ravine, and Deathwisp Bog

SSR Alliance (AGRO) Conditions/Rules

  1. Old White policy - all people that want to join a group to hunt old white may be included. All people who attend the killing of old white (or defend it) may skin old white, but they must use t6 or t5 skinning knife. The pup(s) will be donated to the alliance. The resulting hide will be split between the entire group. This does not apply to resource aspects.
  2. Use of your alliance tag as a shield to get away with actions that would otherwise result in combat (such as taking a resource node, mob, chest, etc) from another alliance member is forbidden. Membership in an alliance is not a license to grief its members.