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Savage is a better PvP guild in the game of Albion Online. We're a tight knit team, respectful of each other, and dedicated to the fun found in profitable PvP. Our tactics have lead to Savage becoming among the most hated, feared, and disrespected names in the game.

Welcome to our home - a collection of tools and intel that advises our actions. Most of the resources hosted here are not available to the public, and are locked by behind Discord authentication. That said, we hope outsiders enjoy the information we do make available to them.

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Member Spotlight

Over the past seven days, the following members have distinguished themselves through their performance:

Most Savage:
PeriPeriCherry obtained 10,942,501 kill fame.

Most Reckless:
Wick suffered through 5,261,037 death fame.

Best fK:D:
ClanDrunkUXA proved their worth with a 2,679,146:0 fame K:D. It's easy if you just don't die.

Best rK:D:
ClanDrunkUXA achieved a 147:0 raw K:D. I heard their last victim got salty and the only response was “ez 742v1.”

Most Active:
PeriPeriCherry appeared on the most kills with 509 kill appearances.

PeriPeriCherry obtained 94 kill shots.

Public Resources

Independent kFame Leaderboards
Albion Population Records
Chest loot sale value calculator

Considering Joining?

  • Mature PvP community with skill levels ranging from new to veteran
  • Daily raids and roams in multiple timezones
  • No mandatory content or attendance
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Structure and Leadership

Read our charter, then come play with us on discord.

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